The 12

Ministries in Rock City are known as "The 12." What exactly is "The 12" you might ask...

Well, “The 12” is an amazing group of people who decided to be more than just a member. They took their gifts talents and passions and put them to use for God.

From creating a comfortable environment by serving on our First Touch Ministries, to teaching our Next Generation about Jesus, and creating an unforgettable Experience there's a place for everyone in "The 12."

We don't think of serving in ministry as something we "have to do" but rather, serving is what we "GET TO DO!" We believe that God desires for us to do life together and we believe this is best lived out in by serving others and one another. We believe that engaging in fellowship is a very important tool when growing to be more like Jesus. Take a look at some of our serving opportunities. 

First Touch Ministries

 Members of the First Touch Ministries are responsible for the first experiences people have at Rock City Church. It starts with the parking lot greeter at the gate and ends with our greeters wishing you a blessed week as you leave. This ministry includes our Parking Team, Welcome Team, Hospitality Team,  Bereavement Team, and Security Team. It's no doubt, if you've ever been to Rock City, you've encountered our First Touch Ministry! They are known for their warm welcome, smiling faces, and amazing hugs! 

Performing Arts
Performing Arts in Rock City is where anointing meets talent! This amazing group uses their God-given gifts to craft a worship experience that is truly second to none. This ministry is responsible for the Worship Experience and atmosphere. They lead us into worship and more importantly the presence of God. They use their talents to make the gospel come alive! They serve us through music, dance, and other mediums as lead by God and the Senior Pastor.

Rock City TV

Lights, Camera, Action! Rock City TV is home to some of the most creative and innovative people you will ever meet! Rock City TV is in essence the face of the church. They are responsible for creating all television broadcast, advertisements, media interactions, etc. It is their goal to get the word out into the streets. No experience? Don't worry, our ministry leaders will train you to become one of the best in your area! This ministry produces the TV show, audio recordings, visual worship, Rock City News, etc.

iRock2: The Next Generation

It was Frederick Douglass who said, "It is easier to build strong children, than to rebuild broken men." Here in Rock City, we take that to heart! This is not your average Children’s Church. iRock2 provides a safe haven for our youngest members and attendees during service. They provide fun and interactive lessons that are age appropriate, relevant, and relatable. We desire to create an experience for “The Next Generation” that is exciting and fresh! Imagine Chuck-E-Cheese’s meets JESUS!  iRock2 serves children ages 6 weeks and older.  

Connect 4

Connect 4 is literally the pillar of our ministry. Connect 4 covers all of the "major" ministries you look for in church. Connect 4 is what we call our Singles' Ministry, MEDS Ministry (Married, Engaged, and Dating Seriously), Men's Ministry, & Women's Ministry. There are amazing opportunities to fellowship with like-minded believers and grow personally and corporately.  Connect 4 is all about specific and intentional ministry interaction. No matter your need or interest, you are sure to find a match in Connect 4! 

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing at Rock City is the center of our communities! It is broken down into two seperate but equally important parts.

Pathway to Purpose or P2P is where you want to be in Rock City. The process starts off by taking our Assimilations Classes which help get you acclimated to Rock City. After that you are welcomed to serve and lead in ministry. 

City Groups at Rock City Church are centers of fellowship and community. They can be established from Connect 4 groups, or based around a shared hobby. Groups are offered on a rotating basis.