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Pastor Mike McClure, Jr.

Senior Pastor
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About Pastor Mike

Pastor Michael D. McClure Jr. affectionately known as “Pastor Mike Jr.” is a man radically transformed by GOD.  He believes that the Body of Christ should be empowered in every aspect of life.  He is armed with a special anointing to meet people right where they are-whether rich or poor, young or seasoned, educated or uneducated, businessman or ex-con, Pastor Mike Jr. is called to minister to people from all walks of life and especially to those who have never met Christ. 


Pastor Mike Jr. has the unique ability to be cross-generational and cross-cultural. His continuing mission is to make the church once again the driving force in the community, and to be “THE ROCK” that the nation needs to lean on.  Pastor Mike Jr. and THE ROCK Church was featured on THE WORD Network as one of the fastest growing churches in America.   In less than 2 years, the ministry skyrocketed from ten to nearly eight thousand.


The most notable characteristic of “THE ROCK” Church is the commitment to OUTREACH.  Pastor Mike Jr. is committed to not only leading in word, but by example as well. In the past, he has teamed up with Hot 107.7 for a huge computer giveaway, two cars, back-to-school giveaways, and thousands of dollars worth of groceries yearly. He has also given away thousands of dollars to individuals within the congregation not because of need, but just to be a blessing. Not only that, his outreach efforts extends beyond just giving to those in need and those within the congregation. He also believes that it is important to give to community needs as well. He has given both personally and corporately to various programs in the Birmingham area including the Birmingham Police Department and the Birmingham Public Library.


Pastor Mike, Jr. is also well accomplished educationally. He has received a Diploma of Theology in Black Church Studies from Ashland University in Ashland, OH. He is currently working toward furthering his education with the goal of earning is Doctor of Ministry.


Through lessons learned from Pastor R.A. Vernon and his father, Pastor Michael D. McClure Sr., he has become a trailblazer.  He is challenging the conventional notions of tradition by focusing on relevance rather than routine. He endeavors to provide sermons that are a mixture of both soul and science.


Walking beside him is his wife, JaQuetta and his five children, Xander, Michael III, Mason, Makinley, and Myles. Understanding that his family is his first ministry, he is striving to be a man of uncompromising integrity.

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